Tuesday, November 16, 2010


Tonight, we endured the annual parental torture ritual known as formal portraits. All this was in honor of the fact that the household shortie just turned...
I thought this session would be easy...a breeze compared to all previous sessions. She's old enough to take direction, after all. She's also old enough to decide that SHE should get to take the pictures. This one has some attitude. And yes, she did click a few shots of blank wall. The photographer let her take a shot after just about each pose. A motivational carrot, if you will.

It worked passably well.

We (I) agonized over how to do her hair...up or down or what? I went for a combo...a bit up, the rest down. I wanted to feature the curls. They still ended up looking a bit unkempt. No matter. The kid's eye make the shot. Every time.

She's photogenic, this one. Kid can't take a bad picture.
Unless you agree to let her hold the football and then try to get her to do the Heisman pose.

More photos here.


Lizzie said...

She is gorgeous! And she looks SO grown up, my goodness.

Flower Patch Farmgirl said...

What a doll! And her curls look perfect, in my opinion. :)

Jami said...

Hi Lisa! I saw your comment on Shannan's blog and wanted to pop over and "meet" you! Your daughter is adorable, by the way. Since you seem to be walking down a similar road as we did, let me know if there is anything I can support you in on that. It's a difficult journey but so worth it!