Wednesday, June 8, 2011

The sun is wearing us all out

Summer looks good on Olivia. Unfortunately, it has been hard on her mood. I think she's just plain worn out. The sun, the heat...she's just tired.

Today was Olivia's very first dance class. We switched from gymnastics for the Summer. It was in the morning, even. And she behaved atrociously. It was embarrassing. Everything she did made it obvious to me that she was tired. She didn't want to do the sequence, then she wanted to do a different song, then she wanted to use the pompoms, then she wanted to dictate the moves they'd be doing. And the instructor was out of her element and just let Olivia, a 3-year-old, take over her class.

I'm not sure we will be going back to dance class.

We came home, and she was a big ball of whine. I fed her at 11:15, let her watch the last 10 minutes of a movie and then MADE her lay down. She was asleep by noon and slept until I woke her up at 2:15.

Now, I will probably pay for that little piece of heaven we call naptime. But I just could NOT spend my whole day with Madamoiselle McCrabby.

As a contrast, this afternoon she cheerfully helped me slice fruits and veggies for dinner. She helped with the dishes. She played nicely by herself. And after dinner, we will take her to the waterpark and let her swim the wave pool until they close, hoping against all hope that the evening sun and water will wear her out for a normal bedtime.

We must figure out a Summer schedule that works. We must.

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