Tuesday, August 2, 2011


Our homestudy should be finished in just a couple of weeks. We have done everything we need to do...now we just wait on the agency to finish the paperwork. And with their track record, we could have a match or even a placement within three months.

That is fast.

It seems like we've been waiting and waiting for years to add a baby to our family. We are ready. But we've also become so comfortable with life as it is that I'm sure it will be a shocking adjustment when it happens anyway.

I am excited with the anticipation of it all. And trying to enjoy every day we have left as a family of three while we still have this.

It's funny how change is so eagerly anticipated and yet bittersweet because it means forever changing what we are now. And what we are now is good, but not complete, I think.

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Lizzie said...

That is SO fast! Exciting. And I know exactly what you mean about the bittersweetness of change. I'll be praying for you guys in the next few months!