Wednesday, January 18, 2012


The surgery recovery continues to be nothing but misery. On Sunday, Olivia broke out in hives. We thought it was the narcotic, so we stopped that and switched to regular ty*lenol. The hives continued and got worse after her Monday dose of antibiotics. So we assumed the antibiotic to be the culprit and started back on the narcotic. They STILL continued but seemed to get worse after the ibuprofen. So yesterday, she had nothing but ty*lenol.

And the hives got worse again.

Last night, at the end of our proverbial rope, we decided to give her nothing at all (except Ben*adryl, because of the hives). She slept basically like all the other nights...peacefully for 5 or 6 hours, then up for 90 minutes in pain until she passed out again for the rest of the night.

But today, she woke up with hives AGAIN. And her throat is very swollen and she doesn't want to talk or eat or drink.

So. The nurse said to stop tylenol and try ibuprofen but only if she absolutely needs something for pain. This, of course, is right in the midst of what they said would be the hardest part of recovery, pain-wise. But right now, the itching hives and the swelling in her throat are causing her more problems than pain. The nurse also advised us to start back on the steroid, which we stopped on Sunday since we weren't sure what was causing the hives, because it is not likely the allergen and will help with the swelling.

Recovery day 7. She's crying because she can't swallow much and she's gagging on mucus and I'm thinking that a ten-day recovery is just a pipe dream. I'm also thinking of buying her a pony* when this is all over. The poor kid deserves a treat** after all this pain and suffering.

*And by "pony", I mean, "special toy or treat of her choice, under $30". Because I'm not made of money. And she's a little terrified of large animals.

**Mommy also deserves a treat. Recovery is pretty hard on caregivers too. Which is why I am 100% sure I am not cut out to be a nurse. Those people should get a special medal or something.

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