Tuesday, August 14, 2012

New normal starts tomorrow

Everything around here is moving at a snail's pace lately. That, of course, is life with an infant. You just get started on something and he wakes up and demands to eat. NOW.

The challenge this time around isn't really with the baby. He is so laid back, except when he wants to eat. He can sleep through noise and movement and everything. He just can't sleep through that gnawing hunger. Which is manageable.

The challenge is keeping the very excited and very excitable 4-year-old from doing bodily harm to her baby brother. Not on purpose of course. But she is just so rough! I am spending more time and energy supervising her interactions with Marty than I'm spending on actually caring for Marty.

So. School starts tomorrow. I start babysitting on Thursday. I had been dreading both of these things because they mean a schedule and getting up at an early hour (not easy when you are up at night with baby).

But after three weeks of desperately trying to explain to Olivia (unsuccessfully) that she cannot flop Martin around like one of her dolls, I am MORE THAN READY for school and other kids. School means she is productively occupied in a place other than home for three days a week. Babysitting means that she has other kids to distract her while she's home the other two days. Who cares if they are all going to destroy my well-ordered house in about 3.5 minutes? At least the baby will be left alone! I hope.

So, on with the next phase of our year. 

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All in His Perfect Timing said...

I have to laugh, a little bit, at how excited Olivia is about baby Marty. Your "flapping him around like one of her dolls" statement made me chuckle ... poor Marty ... he has no idea what excitement he is in for.
Good luck on the new schedule and early mornings! I'm not a morning person either. I hope Olivia has fun at school!!