Friday, November 8, 2013

Seven takes about fall and kids

I'm jumping on the quick-takes bandwagon for reals this week, folks.
This fall has been so beautiful. I suppose it is the combination of weather and temps and rainfall or something, but I can't remember a fall season providing this much color all at once.
The view from my front door.

Most of the leaves have fallen, but they lasted longer than I remember in years past. I have enjoyed it so much.
This kid.
Martin charmed a whole squad full of cheerleaders at the gymnastics studio last night. They were taking a break and he ran out onto their practice mat and started flashing his dimple and doing a little dance and they all melted into a puddle of "Awwww!" He is such a stinker...he knows how to get a reaction. Such a flirt! My favorite part, though, was when he played the shy boy and ran all giggly back into my arms. My heart!
We have been experimenting with hairstyles. Olivia loved this one. And it was surprisingly easy! If it is hard to tell, that is a braid wrapped around her head, called the never-ending cornrow. I got the tutorial from here. You could also do something like this on my hair type, although it won't last as long and would require more pinning, I think. Find that example here.
Olivia loves school. And she does so well! But sometimes all of that trying hard and being good and following the rules translates to exhaustion and major meltdowns at home. She has learned to settle herself down a bit at bedtime and go to sleep on her own (which is a recent development...maybe only the last 6 months or so...she's almost six...I KNOW).

Her secret? Well, first of all, she has learned to lie still (IMAGINE!). We have found, in fact, that if she sits too still for too long in those hours after school, she will fall asleep. Car trips of any length in the late afternoon are risky.

But the other thing she is doing lately is she has been praying the Rosary at bedtime. And then, occasionally, I sneak in and take a picture of her after she has fallen asleep with the Rosary in her hand because she looks so angelic and peaceful and WHOSE CHILD IS THIS?
Oh, so sweet.
Note: Also works for calming her back to sleep after nightmares. Thanks, BVM!
Olivia lost her fifth tooth yesterday. Third in a row on top. Her first two teeth came out on Halloween and November 7th of last year (permanent teeth have since replaced those). Her fourth and fifth came out on Halloween and November 7th of this year. Weird coincidence.
All I want for Christmas is my two three front teeth.
I'm such a slacker that I never posted about Halloween. Olivia was Frankie Stein (Monster High). Martin was the Itsy Bitsy Spider. Well, on this day, at least. We do a lot of Halloween-ing at local events. Olivia kept the same costume each time. Martin changed it up a bit.
He wouldn't wear the hat.
Other costumes for Martin included the Bee...

...and the Monkey. The cuteness is too much!

November is National Adoption Awareness month. Look for my interview post on November 12th. You can find all of the interviews in this project hosted here. They'll be published at intervals throughout November.

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