Monday, February 24, 2014

First of seven: Spring cleaning

I'm jumping on the bandwagon over at Conversion Diary and posting every day for seven days. At least, I think I am. Joe is out of town this week, so we shall see.

I know the weather has turned when everyone in the house gets a horrible cold. Olivia had it. Martin has it. Joe is getting over it. And now it has hit me. And Joe left today for a week-long business trip. Perfect.

I am coping with this turn of events by taking lots of cold meds and cleaning everything.

Cleaning projects make my week go faster. While I would much rather be curled up on a couch with a good book, that, somehow, ramps up my anxiety by the end of the day. Perhaps it has something to do with wanting to finish the story and not being able to do that in the face of, you know, being present to my kids at the end of the day.

Anyway, cleaning, if done in manageable portions, makes the day go quickly and makes me feel like I accomplished something important. Never mind the fact that I have two reports for volunteer organizations that remain undone. We will not speak of that.

Today's project: Under the master bed. I discovered two things. First, this is where all of the dust in the entire universe collects. Second, our mattress is the heaviest thing ever.

I managed it, and now my back hurts. I will console myself with some peppermint tea and a nice little reading break.

Also, I promise to be more interesting at least once or twice this week.

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