Tuesday, September 11, 2007

It has been a busy few weeks...

In the realm of unexpected twists and turns...

Tuesday, August 21st: I receive a call from a counselor who knew we had been researching adoption. She has a woman interested in placing a baby, due in November. Would we be interested? (Of course)

Wednesday, August 22nd: Begin researching agencies that do homestudies. Call lawyers, select one to hire.

Thursday, August 30th: Appointment with Dr. D. to discuss new strategies in the fertility world. Mutually decided that Clomid is only making things worse. Make plans to discontinue Clomid and possibly begin luteal phase HCG in next cycle.

Thursday, September 6th: My husband and I meet with the birthmother and her counselor. She asks a lot of questions, seems concerned that we know that the baby is biracial (we are completely aware) and that we are ready for that challenge. She seems to like us and she also seems to be pretty resolute in her decision to place the baby.

Friday, September 7th: We meet with our attorney to discuss what will happen next. Attorney is very concerned that he be able to get the name/location of the birthfather ASAP so he can be served with papers to ensure that his rights are terminated voluntarily or by a process of a 30-day waiting period. Attorney wants this out of the way before the birth of the baby to save us legal hassles and/or potentially having the whole plan fall through after spending lots of money etc. Birthmom is scheduled for another session with her counselor next week, so maybe she will give up the name then (has previously been reluctant to do so).

Tuesday, September 11th: Counselor notified me that birthmother did not show up for her session today. She wasn't able to reach the birthmother by phone today.

I am completely and totally overwhelmed. After meeting the birthmother, I was on a high and felt very confident that this would all go well. Now, I'm afraid that something happened to change her mind, or maybe the birthfather raised objections to placing the baby for adoption and she was scared to admit this to the counselor. I hope and pray that the counselor is able to reach her soon so we have some answers.

In the meantime, I'm trying to be positive, to focus on health and fertility concerns, to not worry too much about the home visit we have for our homestudy next week and that we are dropping some big bucks to have that done and we aren't totally sure what will happen. But also, I think about the little girl (the baby's a girl) who may be our child, the name we chose for her, and the due date looming in the background (early November). And praying that God works it all out for the good of everyone involved.

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