Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Just to make a liar of me...

In my previous post, I mentioned my nap-deprived daughter. Well, she WAS fussing when I signed off, but by the time I reached her, she had fallen back asleep. She continued to sleep another three hours. Of course, her second nap was 30 minutes long, but that is certainly forgivable after the massive block of time I had this morning to get things done.

Unfortunately, blogging was not first on the list of things to accomplish. I had several tasks to finish before this speaker event I'm helping with tomorrow, and thanks to Olivia's amazing nap, I finished them all. Which means that the adoption story is just around the corner...when I get another amazingly long nap block, that is.

At the moment, I'm typing with one hand while feeding the baby, who is using her long legs to kick my hand off the keyboard. That's her saying, "Bye for now." Ta.

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Jen said...

Ah, they never do what you think they are going to do. Kids like to make adults look silly. :) But at least her "disobedience" was good for you!