Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Two teeth and very grumpy...

I promise to get to the adoption story soon. It's just been a very busy week.

However, a quick update:

Two days after tooth #1 popped through, tooth #2 made its appearance. Now Olivia has both bottom middle teeth coming in, and they are SHARP! Also, the amazing naps she was taking all last week have disappeared. She's back to her fitful shorter naps. And I could really use that extra time at the moment. This is a busy week with outside commitments (outside of the house, that is), and Olivia is not cooperating.

In other news, her birthmom is back. Back in the area, that is. If you remember, birthmom lived in a neighboring town when we met her but then moved to a different state right before Olivia was born, thus adding extra legal expense and travel and interstate compact laws to our list of things to deal with. Well, that situation didn't last, and now she's back in the area. She left a message with the referring agency and wanted to let us know that she'd moved (because we do letters and phone calls and need to know how to reach her). But now...she wants to see the baby. Hmmm. Not that I'm against this, but it does cause me a little bit of anxiety. We just sent photos to her new address and will call her once she's received them...then we'll see what she has in mind.

I'll keep y'all posted. Gotta get back to my whiny baby.

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Jen said...

Two teeth!

I can see why it makes you a bit nervous. Is everything finalized with the adoption? Let us know how it goes.