Thursday, May 14, 2009


Olivia and I just returned from a few days visiting her cousins, including the one who was born on Monday. My brother has dial-up and spotty Wi-Fi, so I haven't been able to write. And at the moment, a tired, sick and grumpy toddler is tugging on my shoulder, so I can't give you a full update today. I'll just say that Olivia really enjoyed spending time with her four older-than-her cousins and her new baby cousin. I think she learned a lot from the constant flow of activity that goes on in a household with four (and now five) little ones running around. It was fun to watch her learn from her cousins and teach them some things too.

And, of course, I got to glimpse how Olivia might interact with an infant. It looked very sweet.Of course, moments after this photo, she tried to shove her off her lap like she was a rag doll, but still.

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maggie said...

Oh! That's precious!