Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Sleep and babies

Olivia's cold has made it harder for her to fall asleep, and she's been playing some of those games kids play to keep themselves awake in bed. It's maddening. And last night, she woke up twice and came to our room. The first time was to find another pacifier, since hers went missing in her bed, but the second time was because she couldn't sleep.

I'm finding that I'm getting really good at falling asleep in her bed. I try to lay awake for awhile to see if she falls right back asleep, but more often than not, I'll fall asleep while she's still rolling around in bed and I'll wake up an hour or two later to find that she's sleeping peacefully next to me.

I'm hoping that this skill serves me well with baby #2, whenever he or she may arrive. It took me a LONG time to settle in when Olivia was little, waking at every little sound and checking on her when she wasn't making sounds at all just to be sure she was breathing. I don't think that will be such a problem the second time around.

Today is my Dad's birthday, and we were going to have family dinner at our house to celebrate. But it looks like we'll be celebrating at the sister-in-law is in labor to deliver my newest nephew. Looks like Grandpa will have a birthday-buddy grandson.

We talked yesterday about Grandpa's birthday, so when Olivia woke up this morning, I asked her what today was. She answered, "It's Grandpa's happy birthday time!" Yes it is.

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HereWeGoAJen said...

Oh, how nice to get a brand new grandson for your birthday! I can't think of a better present.