Friday, October 2, 2009

Seven progress-related takes

1. The projects? They are underway. I have two more kids (toddler and infant) to babysit in a couple of weeks, and I needed somewhere to PUT them. As in, naptime. So, I took the "baby's room", which had become the storage-for-all-things-we-don't-want-to-deal-with room, and turned it into something useful. I moved the elliptical to the garage and threw out a bunch of other stuff and ORGANIZED. All while the girls played without destroying property or hurting each other. I have skilz. I was going to post a picture, but it is rather boring, so let's just say that all the furniture is along a wall and the floor is clear and the closet door shuts and there is SPACE. Also, the top of the changing table holds nothing except a changing pad. This is crucial since I will once again be changing an infant, and I'd rather do it standing up instead of sitting on the floor while trying to keep three toddlers from trampling said infant.

2. I am going through junk, bit by bit. I am in Fall clean-up and throw-out mode (the one good side-effect of the failed yard sale), and I'm trying to make the most of it. We are GOING to find room in this house. It's not too small, we just have too much junk.

3. I managed to vacuum most of the leaves out of the playset area while the girls played yesterday. This was not an easy task, but I managed it. Of course, it needs to be done again and probably again every couple of days until December, but at least I'm on top of it.

4. On Monday night, while my husband mowed, I moved some landscaping rocks. They are 80-100 lb limestone landscaping rocks, and they used to sit around the tree in front of the playset. Now they sit around the landscaping burm on the other side of the backyard, and they look better there. We are going to grow grass around the tree. Why? Because the girls found the rocks around the tree to be irresistible and came very close to tripping and falling into one of them. So there.

5. The weather has turned seasonably cool, so we fished out all of Olivia's warm clothes this week. She has a lot, and the ones that fit are mostly 4T. The kid is tall. Anyway, a large portion of the summer clothes have been stored away to make room for the winter clothes, and I'm looking forward to dressing Olivia in all her cute "new" stuff.

6. I'm getting ready to start my 6th load of laundry for THIS WEEK. We're catching up here.

7. I've been so busy with all of these projects that the week has FLOWN by. I wonder if I will be able to accomplish as much when my new babysitting charges start coming. My guess is no, unless the baby is good with being in a sling all day. In my experience, babies don't much like to sit in the bouncer all day by themselves. Of course, Olivia didn't like to sit anywhere for long, so I have a skewed sample.

Happy weekend!


Lizzie said...

I hadn't done laundry for an ENTIRE week - and I paid the price. Yesterday and today: constant laundry duty. It was nice to have a week off, but man, I think staying on top of it really has its place!

HereWeGoAJen said...

I think the same thing about our house. It's too much stuff, not too small of a house.