Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Seriously, where's the brain dictaphone?

Geez, we had a busy weekend and I thought of about a bajillion blog topics, which fail to come to me now that I am sitting down at the computer. I'm sure some of the topics will come back to me eventually, but in the meantime, you get some rambling.

1. On Saturday, we spent around 9 hours in the car (round trip) to visit my husband's college for homecoming. It was exhausting, but probably went better than we expected. Olivia behaved passably well, and there was a kid's craft tent where Olivia played with beads and I made a tie-dye t-shirt for her with all the other parents (because, seriously, tie-dye is NOT for small children). I'll try to post some pictures of my awesome artwork later, but here's a pic of Olivia's face paint and hand paint. So cute!

2. We stopped on the way home at our favorite diner/dive. It was full of men and women who looked a little rough, and most of them were smoking. That's the big downside of stopping there. But all we needed was coffee and pie and a leg stretcher for Olivia, and for that it worked well. The pie was wonderful, the coffee was fantastic, and Olivia managed to charm a few of the rough-looking diner-goers into smiling at her.

3. Weekends are awful on the schedule. Sunday was BAD. Nearly non-existent nap, bouncing-off-the-wall crazy...sometimes it really just pays to stay at home.

4. The girls are full of "I want" today. Actually, every day. What do they want? Whatever the other has. Or whatever you have. It doesn't matter if they are eating their fave food in the world...if you open something else for yourself, they want it. It is maddening.

5. I've been productive in projects this week. Maybe I'll get around to posting pics of those later in the week.

Happy Tuesday!

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HereWeGoAJen said...

I'm working on our schedule and yes, things are better with the schedule.