Monday, September 14, 2009

I'd call it dark coffee

When Olivia was born, I would have described her hair as black. Of course things change (it was also quite straight, which isn't the case anymore). Since my Goddaughter from Guatemala has shiny, straight and jet-black hair, I have something to compare it to. And I think Olivia's hair has developed into a rich coffee the color of a cup of coffee untainted by cream and sugar. Or the color of French Roast whole coffee beans.

Her hair is now long enough that occasionally (if I manage to condition her hair and style it just right) a few long locks on top will dangle down onto her forehead. It gives me a glimpse of what her hair will be like when it really grows out. If only we can find the right haircare routine and keep it looking pretty, she should have a head full of beautiful, perfect corkscrew curls.

Someday, she'll probably hate her hair and wish for straight hair because that's what girls do...wish for the type of hair they don't have. I remember spending money on perms that never worked on my limp, fine locks. My curly-haired friends have, at times, spent money to have their hair chemically relaxed so it would lay straight. But I really do hope she'll enjoy her curls and take care of them. They are so beautiful.

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HereWeGoAJen said...

Why do you think everyone wants the hair they don't have? I have wavy, almost curly hair and I straighten mine. The curls always look too messy to me.