Friday, September 25, 2009

Seven picture takes

1. Last weekend, while we were failing miserably at the yard sale venture, I sent my Mom out to other yard sales in search of a play kitchen for Olivia. This is what she found. Olivia likes it, but she's a little rough with it. I've already had to remove the stove door to keep her from breaking it. See how she's finally learning how to pose and smile appropriately when asked? Too bad my camera sucks.

2. This is how I usually find the Dora kitchen. I have threatened to take it away and give it to some other little girl if Olivia can't seem to take care of it, but she sees right through my empty threats and knocks it over anyway.

3. Speaking of our failure at yard sales...does anyone want to buy a home gym? You must come here to pick it up, 'cause there's no way I'm shipping this thing.

4. In a fit of frustration, I went shopping yesterday and devised my own fridge strap. We've tried one from the store, and it was a waste of money. This is a tote strap with some self-adhesive velcro sewed to the strap and adhered to the fridge. Olivia can open this, but it takes time and makes noise, so it is a deterrent that helps me intercept her attempts to get into the fridge by herself. Perhaps I won't wake up at 4:00 a.m. anymore to find her standing in front of a wide-open refrigerator.

5. The children...they are making me crazy. It has been raining all week, which means that we spend all of our time inside. The girls have decided to retaliate against me and my inability to control the weather by being as defiant as possible. They've been hitting and screaming and talking back, and I am losing my patience. And then, in a moment of sweetness, they do this:
Olivia said "Let's hold hands and dance, Addie." And they did.

6. It's not jacket weather fact it's been rather warm and muggy here. But Addie and Olivia have insisted on trying on several of Olivia's jackets this week (she has about a dozen...all hand-me-down). They look cute in these little hooded sweatshirts, but now there are jackets scattered all over the floor. Oh well...whatever keeps them from screaming and hitting and driving me insane is fine with me.

7. Evidence. Olivia is a month younger than Addie but two inches taller. Forgive my inadequate camera and my unimaginative attempts at concealing Addie's identity.

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