Monday, March 15, 2010

Ides of March

Here's 15 thoughts for March 15:

1. I'm giving you (my elusive readers) the benefit of the doubt and assuming that all my readers have given up reading blogs for Lent. Or maybe the content here is just so dull that they don't come here often. At any rate, no one (except my husband) commented on my last post. So no resurrection eggs for you!

2. It's high time I put a few random updates in here. Olivia grows and changes so fast, and I don't want to forget this years from now.

3. A couple of weeks ago, I realized that Olivia was waking up dry with some consistency, so I decided to start a potty chart to put up in Olivia's bathroom. The big stickers at the beginning of a line indicate that she was dry overnight. The little smiley stickers indicate each time she peed on the potty. The puffy pink glittery stickers (only two so far) indicate when she pooped on the potty. The X is a wet diaper and the * is a poopy diaper. So, we are doing better, but still consistently inconsistent with the potty.

4. It's been a rough sleep year so far, but we recently had something like three consecutive weeks of great midnight wake-ups for any reason. But last week, Olivia's mind fabricated new monsters that live in her closet, so we are back to rough sleep. I hate closet monsters.

5. Actually, she's imagining monsters anytime she's scared, but she's trying to convince herself that they don't exist. The other day we were in a public restroom, where the toilets flush forcefully and usually scare her. She went to flush the toilet and said with confidence, "There aren't any monsters in the potty, Mommy. It's just loud." And then she ran, wide-eyed, to my side as soon as the scary flushy sounds started...and laughed at herself for doing it.

6. Our driveway is cracking up because of the weather and the fact that the contractors who built the house took huge shortcuts in pouring it. So we had a concrete guy come out on Saturday to give us an estimate on re-pouring part of our driveway. He is known around here as the "Concrete Cowboy" and wears a cowboy hat a lot. We went outside to wait for him and play with sidewalk chalk, and we told Olivia that "Cowboy" was coming over. So when he got out of his truck, Olivia greeting him with a shy, "Hi, Cowboy." She warmed up to him quickly, and soon she was ramming her baby stroller into the front of his truck and shouting "Can you move this truck Cowboy? CowBOY!" Needless to say, she completely charmed him and his wife.

7. Olivia has become more manageable on shopping trips. It's still a challenge to keep her in the cart, but if I give her a piece of paper, she has her own "list". It gives her a sense of purpose. The things you'll find most often on her list? "Cake, mac & cheese and pepperoni!" Sounds like a balanced diet to me.

8. Olivia's restaurant behavior is also much improved. We met Daddy and a priest friend for dinner one night last week, and Olivia behaved herself for the entire 90 + minutes that we were there. AND she ate all of her food. She's growing up.

9. During the last couple of weeks, I've been making several trips to the lab for my hormone series. Step one of "project diagnosis" is underway.

10. Next week is our Spring Break. (The benefits of watching teachers' kids...) We have planned some fun stuff like visiting cousins and a zoo and a children's museum. It's all stuff that is near-ish, so we won't have to spend much money, but we also won't be sitting at home all week staring at each other. I'm very, very excited about this.

11. Although it's a bit gloomy today, last week offered a few warm and sunny days for outside play. The kids LOVED it. I'm looking forward to more of the same. It's also easier now than it was last Fall...the kids are bigger and more skilled and I'm not constantly afraid they are going to fall off of things.

12. We are seriously thinking of replacing all of our carpet with laminate flooring and I am very excited about this possibility. No more goldfish crushed into the carpet. Very exciting.

13. Daylight savings time has, for the first time ever, seriously thrown us into a tailspin. We slept luxuriously late yesterday. We had to wake Olivia up at 8:30, and she never ever sleeps that late. AND she was going on 11.5 hours of sleep (which is also rare). We ate a leisurely breakfast, got cleaned up and headed to Church only to find that *gasp* all the people were coming out of the doors, not going in. Yep, we forgot to change our clocks. I found an evening Mass to attend (bilingual, but still), but the whole thing just really screwed with our day. Add to that the circumstances (late wake-up and the time change) that led to a late and short nap, and today I'm dealing with an unreasonably grumpy 2-year-old. And 4 other unreasonably grumpy children. And naptime had better be long!!

14. I have discovered that Olivia can be a holy terror if she is tired because of schedule disruptions. She had to sit in time-out for a long, long time today because she kept going back and doing exactly what she got in trouble for doing in the first place. And nothing but a nap can cure it. So, yeah, my morning was a LOT of fun.

15. But she's so cute, it's hard to stay upset with her for long.

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Stephanie said...

Have you tried a lamp or night light at bedtime? We keep a lamp turned on in an adjacent room (the equivalent of keeping the hall light on) and it made a huge difference in how Asher slept at her age.

Don't you love when they finally get to the point where it's easier to take them in public? I will gladly take Asher almost anywhere now. Now, it's Silas who is our wild card (we have about 30 minutes of him sitting in the high chair before he is DONE, so we're always trying to entertain him before the meal gets here. He can also climb out of the straps in carts, so grocery shopping is an aerobic experience for me).

Glad you're doing well.