Monday, March 29, 2010

Spring Break recap

Spring Break was wonderful, but exhausting. We spent the first few days at home, running errands and playing outside.
Olivia learned to pedal her bike. She was so cute and confident in her abilities. I see some skinned knees in her future, but she did really well for her first time out.

On Wednesday, we took a road trip to visit cousins. Olivia tried her hand at tee ball.

After a couple of fun and exhausting days with cousins, we met up with Daddy and did some family stuff. First was the Children's Museum, where Olivia discovered all sorts of exciting things.
She discovered her passion for scooping ice cream in a pint-sized ice cream shoppe.

Then she arranged some blown "glass" into her own little sculpture.

We all spent Friday night in a hotel. Olivia decided to brush her hair and Mommy's. This was the result. Mommy's hair fared a little better under the brush than Olivia's did.

Saturday we went to the "animal zoo," as Olivia calls it. Here is the "shark petting" area.

And the baby giraffe.

And the elephant.

We were all exhausted when we got home. Olivia slept 13 hours on Saturday night and then took a long nap on Sunday. After her nap, we painted eggs. Holy Week is pretty busy around here, so we colored our eggs this weekend and will store them in the fridge until next week.
As it turns out, egg painting is a good activity for a 2-year-old. She LOVED it and was pretty good at keeping the paint where it belonged. She is looking forward to showing off her creations to Grandparents later in the week.

In the midst of all this Spring Break fun, we also managed to mulch all of our flower beds and get some cleaning done in the house. So, I guess it was productive and fun...just not all that relaxing.

We start to get back to normal tomorrow. We have half of the babysitting crew back this week (the other half is still on Spring Break for another week).

Happy Holy Week!

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