Thursday, June 17, 2010


This has been a weird week. Unsettling.

It began with news of the death of a local businessman who is known to EVERYONE around here. A pillar of the community. A visionary. A major player in the growth of tourism and the continued growth and stability of the economy in our little corner of the world. A man whose face everyone recognizes. Dead at 48, presumably because of complications with a very common and very manageable which hits a little too close to home. And the whole week has been a Unsettling.

Olivia's schedule has been, well, nonexistent this week. She wakes up late, she naps at weird times, she goes to bed TOO late, and she has been waking me up at night again. I imagine that this is all my fault, of course, for not waking her up on time, getting her home for regular naps, and keeping her on schedule. But Summer fun makes it very difficult to stay on task with the schedule. And...

We're leaving on Saturday for vacation (read: nonexistent schedule for a week, so why bother). We'll be sharing two huge cabins in Branson with Joe's whole family, and his Mom has planned food and researched activities for the whole week. So for the first time in...well, forever...I am leaving on vacation without a lick of research done. It feels good. I don't really care what we do while we are long as I can figure out a way to manage Olivia's behavior and sleep, we'll be fine.

So. Ciao. Have a nice week. I will likely be absent from here until we get back.

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