Thursday, September 30, 2010


1. We were driving "to town" today and stopped on the way to pick up a few items at a store. It had to be a quick stop because I had an appointment and had to drop Olivia off with the grandparents, so we only had about ten minutes. I was explaining this to Olivia.

Me: I'm stopping at the store, but we have to be quick so we can get to Grammy's in time. So you have to stay in the cart.

Olivia: (with whiny voice) But can I go in with you Mommy?

Me: Of course, but you have to stay in the cart because we have to be really quick.

**Silent Pause**

Olivia: Mommy, did you say the wrong word?

Me: What are you talking about, sweetie?

Olivia: Mommy, you said I had to stay in the car.

Me: (Laughing) No, honey. Not stay in the car. Stay in the CART.

Olivia: Oh! That was funny, Mommy!

2. We went to the playground this evening for about an hour. For some reason, Olivia decided that she wanted to play with this one girl, who was probably about eight or nine. The girl was playing tag with her younger brother and sister, and she suddenly realized she had a shadow. She seemed kind of annoyed that Olivia was following her around, but Olivia was adamant about playing with her. When we left, Olivia said, "Can we go back soon, Mommy, and play with the green girl again?" The girl was wearing a green shirt. I told her yes, as long as she asks the girl what her name is (if we ever see her there again) so she can stop calling her the "green girl".

3. Last night, Olivia attended her first preschool religion class. We decided to take her mostly because she is just so excited about the idea of school and I figured this is sort of school-like, in a small dose. They colored and cut out some little cards that said stuff about love, and the teacher said they could give the two cards to two people that they loved. Olivia cut her whole paper into three strips (which were not the instructions, but she's not yet three, so it's excusable). I asked her who she wanted to give them to. "This one is for Miss Samantha. Then there's this one for you and that one for Daddy." Very sweet.

We haven't really explained her adoption to her, except in vague terms, but she seems to get it, sort of. Somehow I don't think it will be difficult for her to grasp the concept.

4. Speaking of school, we took a wrong turn on the way to the playground and ended up driving by a high school as we turned around. Olivia said, "Can I go to that school, Mommy?" No, honey, it's a high school and it's in the wrong county. "I'm not older for it yet. I'm not three yet. When I'm three, I can go to high school too."

Oh, kid. Don't be in too much of a rush to grow up!

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