Thursday, September 23, 2010

The scary angel

There has been a lot of talk of Halloween around this house lately. Olivia is OBSESSED. Ever since she started seeing pumpkins displayed outside of the grocery store... "Look, Mommy! It's pumpkin time. That means trick-or-treating!" Oh, October is going to be a long month for her, waiting for Halloween.

We were looking through pictures the other night, including pics of Olivia in last year's costumes and pics from my childhood costumes. Olivia saw this picture, and said, "Mommy, why are you a scary angel?"

I told her angels aren't scary. But back in the day, you just didn't GO trick-or-treating without a mask. It just wasn't done. No matter how stupid they looked. "Mommy, we don't say stupid."

My husband begged to differ...about scary angels, not stupid masks. "Don't you think Michael looks pretty scary when he's chasing all of those evil spirits? St. Michael the Archangel is one scary angel." Ok, I stand corrected.

Olivia asked about Halloween again today. I asked her what kind of costume she wanted. "I want to be a scary angel, Mommy." OK then. Michael, it is.

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