Friday, March 18, 2011

Spring Break!

I'm watching a new little boy...the son of a as a favor for her. She's also considering sending both of her kids to me next year, so it's a good test to see how her little guy does. Well, apparently we shocked the bejeebers out of him because he was asleep when he got here and woke up to a strange house and strange people and has been silently sobbing ever since. I tried to get him to play, but he just wants to sit on my lap and feel sorry for himself. So I took the "let's sit at the computer until you are bored out of your skull and want to get down and play" tactic. Thus, the blogging.

All of my babysitting kids are on Spring break next week, which means we are on Spring break! We have such plans. Tonight, we were invited to enjoy Princesses on Ice, courtesy of a friend who won tickets on the radio or something. Olivia is beyond excited. She gets to dress up like a princess AND spend time with one of her little pals. I'm excited because I get to spend time with my friend, her little pal's Mommy, so we all win!

Sunday, we are heading to Nashville for a few days, where we will hunt down child-friendly activities and (here's Olivia's favorite part) stay in a HOTEL that has a POOL. Seriously, the excitement is hard for her to contain.

Then it's back home for a preschool tour on Thursday and fun with local friends on Friday. Full week.

The wee one is starting to show interest in playing. I think we'll go sit on the floor and see what happens.

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