Monday, March 28, 2011

Spring Break

Last week was Spring Break, and we took a little 3-day vacation to get away from home. Not that there's anything wrong with home, but if we don't leave we end up doing housework and yardwork all week and ignoring Olivia's need for fun. So we went away. Olivia was excited.
Vacation! Yes!

We went to Nashville, Tennessee. The weather was beyond perfect...70s and sunny every day.

Olivia even got pretty good at riding in the car (not her strong suit). The ipod helped a lot, as did a few free magazines we picked up.

We did many things that were geared toward her. But her favorite activity? Bowling. Figures...the one thing we can find anywhere is exactly what she wants to do on vacation.

The downside was that I caught Olivia's demon-cold exactly the moment we arrived, so I spent all of vacation (and every day since) struggling to breathe through the congestion. Also, the weather here was perfect until the exact moment we came home. And then it snowed. Yes, folks. 70s on Wednesday, snowing on Friday. I was not amused.

Also last week, I took Olivia for a preschool visit to pre-register and see how she did sitting in on a class. SHE LOVED IT. She stood in line and followed instructions and participated in group activities. I think she is SOOOO ready. She'll start in the Fall, but I'm sure she'll be talking about it until then.

We are back to our babysitting routine today and getting back into the swing of things. April is going to be a busy, busy month.

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