Thursday, May 12, 2011

Just a taste...

Today was another one of those picture-perfect days where Spring feels enough like Summer to stir some excitement about the upcoming season, but still enough like Spring to be wonderfully comfortable.

The kids, they played some sort of creative pretend game in which they each starred as a Disney character. Olivia was Rapunzel. The rest were assigned characters including Snow White, Flynn Ryder, and two Agent Osos. I, apparently, was assigned to be Tiana. I'm not sure how these characters are supposed to fit together, but it didn't seem to matter to the kids.

The wee one got restless and kept wandering into other people's yards, so I decided to let him have his turn at the sandbox. It didn't take two seconds for the rest of the kids to join him.

(Also, I've been experimenting with photo editing and effects. Makes it easier to disguise the fact that Albert Pujols is sitting there in my sandbox. Oops...forget I said that...)

This is what Summer looks like in my memory of my youth...a bunch of kids lying around outside in sepia tone. Exchange Olivia and her pals with me and my siblings, and this could very well have been taken in 1980. Except it wasn't. It was taken this morning while Rapunzel, Snow White and Flynn Ryder were going to the castle to sleep before getting up to "drive the castle to work".

Told ya they were a creative bunch.

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