Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Summer, summer, summer

This weekend was BEAUTIFUL! Warm, but not scorching, sunny and breezy. We spent most of it at Local Theme Park. Olivia wore herself out.

This week is all that stands between me and Summer. I have four more days of babysitting left this school year. I have acquired a very part time summer job for a little extra summer cash, but it does not involve being responsible for other people's children. So having said job does not in any way deter from my sense of "vacation freedom".

I am looking forward to my trash can smelling like a trash can again and not like a sewer. I will not miss diapers this summer.

Diaper-related tangent - My 22-month-old babysitting charge pooped in the potty here yesterday. He sat on the potty a couple of times last week without actually doing anything. This was CHILD-LED. HE has been telling ME that he needs to potty for about a week, and this time he was actually successful in doing something. This blow me away for a couple of reasons. First, Olivia was nowhere NEAR ready to do that at 22 months...neither were ANY of my babysitting charges, who were all around her age at the time. Second, this little guy's older brother was TERRIFIED of using the potty at my house. He wouldn't even TRY until he had been potty trained at home for over six months. I guess that illustrates the difference in their personalities. Anyway, it has me excited that we might be able to cut down on the diaper tally in this house a bit by next school year.

This weekend, we are camping with my whole family. Lots of kids, lots of food, campfires and s'mores and grilling and such. Great kick-off to Summer. We just have to get through the next four days. I am not ashamed to tell you that, on this wet day, that means a lot of Little Einsteins (which, weirdly, is one of the few shows that grabs and keeps their attention). I'm just trying to get through, y'all. I have my eyes set on the weekend already.

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