Wednesday, February 8, 2012

To match or not to match

Last week was...intense. After six months of sending our marketing check to our adoption agency and getting...well, silence...we got a call about a referral. It's not that we are not being shown. In fact, we are being shown A LOT. In fact, we are told that there are lots of new women coming in and making adoption plans...lots of women who fit our profile and therefore are seeing us. But unless we are chosen and they want to meet us, they don't tell us. Now I know why.

On Monday, we got a call from our agency about a birthmother whose first-choice family backed out on her. Before they presented new couples, they wanted to be sure that those couples would be VERY LIKELY to accept her particular story and situation so she wouldn't get burned again by a failed match. We were probably shown to her in the original batch, but this time they wanted to KNOW that we were pretty committed to her story before they showed us.

Of course, we said yes, please show us, and then we waited five long days to get a call that said that this woman was so shaken by losing her first couple that she has decided not to make any solid decisions until much closer to her due date (3 months away).

Those were five LONG days. And that is why they don't call to give us updates on how many times we are shown. It is too hard to play the "what if" game in your mind all the time.

What that experience did for me, though, was make me realize how many things I wanted to do before a baby does appear in this house. So I'm back to nesting. I spent the weekend painting baseboards (a project I've been putting off for 15 months). I have several other projects swirling in my head, and this newfound motivation is bound to get me going on at least some of them.

We have a family wedding to attend this weekend, so my big project for today is to find all of the wedding attire that my mother-in-law bought for Olivia and put it all in one place and to make her a bow to match. Looking forward to watching her move and groove at the reception, and I promise to post some photos here next week of her adorableness.

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Lizzie said...

Those days must have DRAGGED ON waiting for the maybe phone to maybe ring. But! At least you're getting stuff done!