Friday, March 23, 2012

Pre-Spring-Break takes

1. If it seems like I can only find time to post on Fridays, that is because my life has become rather routine and dull, but on Fridays it is one big round of crazy and I escape to the computer to distract me from the crazy.

2. I was struck down on Tuesday, for the second time this month, with a nasty feverish type of nauseating illness. And then I was well again on Wednesday. But it screwed with my whole week and also my income (because I don't get paid to babysit when I'm not, actually, babysitting), and we are on Spring Break next week with some travel-related expenses and other things, and I am frustrated by how this has affected the bottom line. I guess this is some sort of patience/control lesson God wants me to learn, and it is painful.

3. The weather continues to be freakishly warm. In fact, check this out. Everything is in bloom. Including the kid, who is wearing a shirt that is a juniors small. She's four.

4. I just broke up a fight in which the kids were arguing about who was older. Even though the birth order is an objective fact and I have explained to them who turns five first, they still insisted on arguing. This was followed by something like this:
Kid #1: I have a bike without training wheels.
Kid #2: Yeah, I do too!
Kid #1: No you don't! But I do. But you don't!
Kid #2: Yeah, I do. I do! You can come to my house and see it!
Ad nauseum, until someone is in tears or I have to put a stop to it. Why must we go on with the irrational arguing and the one-upsmanship? Why?

5. I am very ready for Spring Break.

6. It is warm outside, but rained this morning. I am debating what this means for our outdoor plans. I'm thinking we go out anyway and deal with the mud issue when it's time to come in because staying in means more of what happened in #4, and I don't have the patience for that today.

7. In other news, the baby I watch has reached an adorableness high point. I think eleven months is now my favorite. She is toddling and cuddly and likes to shout unintelligible commands at inanimate objects and then dissolve into smiles and baby clapping. She makes Fridays a little brighter!

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All in His Perfect Timing said...

Junior sizes are ridiculously small! That is crazy that your daughter can fit into them at age 4! And I know your daughter is not big at all. Wow!
So glad for the cute baby to make your Friday's even brighter!