Monday, April 2, 2012

Whoa! What happened to March?

So, Spring Break was one big road-trip-ish blur. And now it is over and Holy Week has begun. And everything is happening at once.

Today, a guy showed up early to assess our drainage issues and take measurements for an estimate for putting drainage tiles in the yard. Another guy showed up later to do an appraisal for our refinance (lower interest rate and pay it off in 10 years...rock on!). The new backyard neighbor had a billion nursery plants delivered for her landscaping. It is Spring and things are moving along.

Also, our house currently looks like this.

I was a little disturbed by the rapid arrival of Spring at first, but now I'm used to it. I also took the bold step of buying and planting annuals in my flower pots. I may be extremely upset with the weather if it dares to return to normal and kill off my pretty, pretty flowers. Because the blooms in this picture are already starting to fade and I need some color in my life. April 2, and my irises are already blooming out. April 2!

The babysitting kids returned today, and the baby, who is soon to turn one year old, is drinking milk now out of a sippy. She has definitely moved from babyhood to toddlerhood. Toddlerhood is a lot less work for me.

This baby-turned-toddler is making me ready for a new baby in the house. I keep thinking and praying about a match with our agency. It is very hard to wait. Ideal timing in my mind would mean new baby in mid-summer. I mean, life is moving at lightning speed right now. So much is going on in these next couple of months. But I wouldn't argue if a baby entered the picture right now. We'd make it work. It is just hard to sit and wait. It is very hard.

I guess there's not a lot of "sitting" going on, though. I suppose I can be thankful that we ARE so busy and keeping ourselves occupied. Life just seems like a non-stop whirlwind right now.

I suppose I must feed the children so I can send them outside for awhile. Sun! Heat! April!

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