Thursday, April 12, 2012

Lenten Prayer Buddy Reveal

Wow. Time if flying here. It seems there was this season of Lent followed by the celebration of Easter somewhere in there, and now it's time to reveal my Lenten Prayer Buddy!

I offered up many prayers and my daily struggles with kids (mine and the ones I watch) for Megan at My journey to get fit and battle PCOS. I enjoyed getting to know her a bit through her blog. She and I are both farmgirls by birth (and she by marriage), and between that and the infertility bit, I felt like I knew her. Megan, I hope your Lenten journey was fruitful and that you received some extra graces.

I was also blessed by the prayers of Kristina from Quiet Light, Morning Star, who was assigned to pray for my intentions this Lent. Thank you, Kristina! Waiting is never easy, and it was particularly challenging this Lent as I reflected on our wait for the Risen Lord while waiting for a birthmother to choose us to be her baby's parents. Your prayers helped so much!

Many thanks to This Cross I Embrace for organizing the Prayer Buddies. I think one of the biggest benefits of the internet and blogging is getting to "know" other women and families who are going through some of the same struggles that I am. This online community has helped in so many ways. Thanks!!

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