Monday, April 23, 2012

Olivia the stubborn, Olivia the bossy

Last week was intense. This week is insanely busy. I haven't had a moment to think about the wait for baby #2, so I guess at least there is that.

Had a parent-teacher conference last week. We were told that Olivia is ahead of the game, academically. Quite bright, quite friendly, a good helper to teacher. She is having trouble behaviorally, though. She's not a troublemaker, but she's bossy (no surprise there). She can't seem to understand that Mrs. B is the teacher, not Olivia. She passed all of her skills tests with flying colors with the exception of one...following directions. When given a sheet and asked to "color the square blue, trace the medium circle in red," she pretty much does whatever she wants. She'll have this same teacher for pre-K, and they are going to focus in on this because, teacher says, it is VERY important that she learn to follow directions before kindergarten.

So. Our girl is stubborn and strong-willed and independently-minded. And she knows a better way to do everything. Just ask her.

(It is no wonder that her grandpa's nickname for her is "dynamite".)

In other news, she has discovered the '80s punk rock look (minus the make-up) and is the household rock star.

But we already knew that.

We may have many struggles with her strong will. But I wouldn't trade her for a dozen cute, passive, obedient children because she is my unique and beautiful child. She is interesting and full of leadership qualities and will change the world someday. God, help us direct her energy in positive ways.

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