Tuesday, July 17, 2012

A little "Greatest Show on Earth" distraction

Today is baby's due date. Birthmom was sent home and told to come back when she dilates ANOTHER inch. She's frustrated and tired. I'm frustrated and tired. So let's distract ourselves with some pretty circus pictures.

My brother and his family live in the circus capital of the world with a circus museum and such. Every year, they have an amateur circus made up entirely of children from their county. Kids. You'd think this thing would appeal to only family members and locals. You would be wrong.

They have this week-long circus festival, which is cute, but really just a festival. Parade. Booths. Carnival rides. Nice, but not much to draw people from afar.

The nightly circus performances, however. People, this is a show I'd travel to see. (And I do. Granted, it is only a 5-hour drive. But still.)

So Olivia and I went up there yesterday in hopes of getting to see the show before baby arrives. (Ha. Baby. He is SO taunting us.)

These kids. They do amazing things. Starting at age seven. That would be the age of my niece, Mackenzie. And this is her in low-casting (which is kind of like beginning trapeze).
 She's the little girl closest to the camera. Those scared-looking people below are spotters, because catching is the dangerous part, and there is no net. About four-feet-thick mats below, but no net.
Look. Those big guys caught her feet and then SWUNG HER OUT OVER THE CONCRETE HOLY CRAP. And look at how calm the spotters are now. What the heck? Not pictured: Mackenzie catching the bar and returning to the platform, which she did effortlessly. She's SEVEN.

Also in the amazing family of circus performers is her big sister, Molly, who, at the ripe-old age of EIGHT was given the role of "walking" upside-down in this act, called 4-lane.

Again, Molly is the person at the BOTTOM of this pile. Walking hand-to-hand to the other performers. Attentive spotters below are stretching out one of those hand-held nets, but STILL. She's EIGHT. I am amazed at these circus people.

Also appearing: older children not related to me. I don't even know the names of these girls, but look at what they are doing. Way up in the air and all that. 

 And this. Holy crap. This would be a tight-wire act. And yes, a few of these girls are connected to safety wires, but not all of them. And there is a net below. But they didn't need it. They are freaking AMAZING!
 And juggling. I admit, I like juggling, even though it can be unimpressive compared to death-defying stuff. But then these guys started lighting things on fire and tossing them to each other. Real fire! They are teenagers!
 So, long story short: Circus = great distraction. Awesome! I'm glad we didn't miss it because of baby (although, baby, this is not an excuse for you to continue to delay). And if you are anywhere in the vicinity, or even if you are not, go see this circus. It gives professionals a run for their money and is even more impressive because they are all kids!

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All in His Perfect Timing said...

Come on, baby! You need to meet you mom and sister and dad now! Oh ... the torture of waiting! But you are on the home stretch! Thinking of you and praying for you and for his birth mom. I'll be checking for updates!
The circus performances are AMAZING! Kids?@?@? I'm not that coordinated ... and I don't think I ever was! I am so impressed!!!