Friday, July 20, 2012


I am starting to get a little worried. Birthmom goes to the doctor about every other day now...not by appointment either. Because she is in pain and/or contracting. And they keep sending her home. WTH? I'm really starting to get worried about her. Because this is not her first rodeo, people. She's done this before, more than once, and knows what to expect. She and I are wondering why this baby's gestation is so different for her.

I realize that part of my (possibly irrational) worries are fueled by my restlessness. When we went on vacation, we had just learned that birthmom was given an updated due date of July 3rd*...which was one day after we got home. I stuffed fears of an early birth for the entire trip. And then we got home and things started progressing a little...a bit of dilation here, a few contractions there. And then nothing happened. For three weeks.

I have taken off work from my seasonal job until late August. I have cleared my babysitting schedule until school starts again. I have vacuumed the floor more times this week than I had in the past six months. Olivia and I went to a movie yesterday, which is something we haven't done since she was two years old. I am running out of things to do.

Today, I think I'm going to go shopping. We never really restocked our pantry after vacation because...well, we were going to do that after baby. So maybe I should work on that. And also thaw a chicken. Because cooking a chicken is super time consuming (I do it in the crock and then use the second day to cook the bones and leftovers and veggies into broth). And you KNOW the moment that chicken goes into the crock is when she's gonna call from the hospital and say she's in labor. Like leaving your windows rolled down to ensure a rain shower. 

*We all realize now that July 3rd was probably not accurate. Baby is measuring just under 8 lbs, so not overly huge or anything. But we are all starting to get a little weary. Especially birthmom. Offer some prayers for her, if you would.

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All in His Perfect Timing said...

Prayers for you and your restlessness to bear some fruit! And for his birth mom to have an easy, safe delivery soon! HUGS!!! He will be here before you know it! Go on ... cook that chicken!!! :-)