Monday, July 22, 2013

Birthday Eve

Tomorrow is Martin's first birthday.

When we started down the adoption path, we had some serious reservations about raising a black child or even a biracial child. It had a lot to do with what local black culture seemed to be, in our experience, and trying to explain that to a child who shared the same skin color but not the same environment, etc. etc. Basically, it was our fear of how that would play out in real life.

And then Olivia basically fell into our laps. And we had no choice but to say yes. (I mean, theoretically, we had a choice, but if you were there, feeling what we were feeling, you would know that there was really no other choice for us but to become her parents.)
Because, I mean, seriously. Look at that face! She is perfect!

When we signed up for Adoption #2, we had no such reservations. We knew that the child who landed in our home would be loved whether he/she was white, black, pink or green. I can't even believe now that a time existed when we thought we wouldn't be open to a black child in our home. Because this?

Is Perfection.

Happy Birthday Eve, my sweet baby boy!

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