Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Vacation recap

We celebrated 4th of July week in the Colonial Capital, Williamsburg, VA. It was fun and interesting. And exhausting and frustrating. Historic sites with kids under age 10 or so are exhausting and sometimes pointless. But we plodded on and did as much as we could.

Olivia found certain things to be extremely interesting. Like the blacksmith.
She asked a million questions while I baked in the oppressive heat.
 And storming the governor's palace.
Let's get 'em! Give back our gunpowder and stuff!
 Also, there were cool places to pose.
Canons are cool.

Locked in the stocks. Charge: Excessive whining.
 Also, there was colonial dress-up.
Anti-arrow armor

Martin's not sure exactly how this tri-corn hat is supposed to fit.
 We all learned some things about history.
Like, dude, this governor guy decorates his house with weapons. That is so weird.

General Washington...what does this say? Why? Did you write that part? Who did? Why?

So, overall, a good week. Not something I want to repeat anytime soon, but not because of the destination. The stuff we did and saw was worthwhile. My kids just don't travel well at this stage. Long road trips are really, really hard. But it was nice to spend a week together and away from home.

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