Wednesday, January 22, 2014

A poignant anniversary

Many people in our culture would say my kids were never meant to exist.

Each of my kids was conceived in less-than-ideal circumstances. Strike one. Each was a fourth child. Strike two.

Each birthmother was advised by at least one person in her life to take the "easy" way out. Strike three.

And yet, they are both here. Praise God!

There are two women out there who made a very difficult decision to give life to these kids and then let them go. Each woman loves the child who shares her DNA and, in an ideal world, would have chosen to parent that child. The absence of that child from her daily life causes her to suffer.

Both women have said, unprompted and in her own words, that her suffering would be immeasurably greater if her child did not exist.

One day, we will take our kids to the March for Life. In the meantime, we will pray for all of those women who face the same tough decision that my kids' birthmothers faced. It cannot be easy to give birth in spite of all of the forces fighting against that decision in our culture.

We are praying today for all women in crisis, for post-abortive women, and for those children who never saw the light of day.


Jan 22, 1973-Jan 22, 2014


Stephanie said...

Lisa, what a powerful post, and a powerful thought. So thankful for your children, and that you get to parent them. Thankful too that two women chose to sacrifice a piece of themselves in order to give your babies life.

Thanks for sharing.

All in His Perfect Timing said...