Friday, January 10, 2014

Excruciatingly late birthday party photos

I was scrolling down through the last few posts and realized that *GASP* I didn't follow-up on Olivia's pre-birthday post way back in NOVEMBER to post photos from her birthday party. The party was pretty low-key this year, so maybe that was why. Or maybe it's general neglect of this blog. Probably that. Anyway, here they are.
Birthday cake, gap-toothed 6-year-old

Playing in her birthday tent from Grammy and Grampy.
All of the rest of the photos have other kids in them who do not belong to me and in keeping with my policy not to post pictures of kids who are not mine, that's all you get.

Oh, and this one, taken a couple of weekends later on a family day out.
Silly kids

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