Tuesday, June 12, 2007

When it rains...

Well, on June 6th, I had some INTENSE ovulation cramping...first on the right side, and then, later in the afternoon, I'm SURE I had some left side pain as well. Hmm... Anyway, I had some extremely good mucus that day as well, so we're hoping...

So far so good. My progesterone levels will be drawn tomorrow (to evaluate the Clomid, not to check on pregnancy or anything), and then I have another week until I can test. So far, I have not had any spotting or anything, and I haven't had any real pregnancy symptoms either, but it's probably way to early for that anyway.

In the meantime, today a coworker at my office (which handles occasional adoptions) mentioned a recent referral of a pregnant woman with some very specific requests for adoptive parents that she wanted to consider for placing her baby. This co-worker said she thought of us first because we fit the profile perfectly (both Catholic, both devout and involved, both educated), but she wasn't sure if we were interested since we haven't yet pursued a homestudy. We've discussed it a lot, but we kind of set our minds on waiting until we give Clomid a chance to work before we'd hop on the adoption bandwagon.

On the other hand, this just ripped at my heart. If someone approached us today and said "I'm having a baby, and I want you to be the parents of my baby", we'd jump on the homestudy right away without thinking twice. I think it's the prospect of paying for the homestudy and going through all the paperwork and mess just to be put on hold and WAITING for a referral. That just seems so hard in my mind.

Anyway, this coworker also mentioned a local pregnancy center that has been facilitating several in-house adoptions lately. Maybe I should find out what their process is.

Or maybe I should just continue to hope and pray for pregnancy success. We seem to be on the right track for that, but who knows?

Oh, pray that we have some patience and wisdom in this whole thing. It's very hard.

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