Monday, February 11, 2008

All I ever wanted...

Last week was interesting, what with the baby's nasty head cold and the return of the middle-of-the-night feeding. Now that she's (mostly) over her cold, though, she's back to her 9+ hour sleeping cycle at night, and we're relieved.

To celebrate her newly-returned health, Olivia decided to roll over for me. I'm completely not kidding. On Saturday morning, I decided to try some "tummy time" even though she usually hates it because I was tired and wanted to lie on the floor. I was lying right next to her, and before I knew it she was on top of me because she had rolled over. I was so excited that I rolled her right back and let her fuss until she rolled over again (which she did)! She's so accomplished!

Did I mention that I think she's starting the teething process? She is drooling and chewing on everything and fussing for no reason. I think it's just some soreness and may take awhile for the pearly whites to start appearing, but she's definitely starting to feel it.

Yesterday, we took Olivia for her 3-month photos. We had the most talented photographer ever, because Olivia was SO tired and fussy and had a meltdown at one point, and we still got the most adorable smile photos ever. We did some family photos and several different backgrounds and positions with Olivia by herself. By then end of the session, Olivia was so worn out that she actually fell asleep on the pillow prop while we were trying to get some final photos. Poor thing.

We got the most amazing family photo...she has this huge smile and is looking right at the camera. As I think back on that photo (which will hang on our wall as soon as it comes in), I realize that I am so amazingly blessed. I have everything I ever wanted...a brilliant and loving husband, and the most beautiful baby girl in the world. Yes, we want to have more kids someday, but right now I can't help but feel that I am right where I have always dreamed of being. I am a wife, and I am a Mom. Life is good.


Jen said...

I just smiled all over reading your post.

Southern Comfortable said...

Such a happy post! I can feel you smiling as you wrote it. Were you? :-)