Saturday, February 16, 2008

Growth spurt

Remember that amazing sleeping baby I was, um, bragging about a couple of weeks ago. She has been replaced by the waking-after-six-hours baby. I think she's going through a growth spurt, but the 4:45 a.m. bottle is getting old. I KNOW. I should stop complaining...but seriously, after two-plus weeks of sleeping 8 hours straight, I got spoiled.

The upside of this growing is that she can finally fit into the hat that Jen made for her. So, as a housewarming gift to Jen, who just moved cross country, I thought I'd post a photo of her in that hat.

Look at me! Many thanks to my internet friend, Jen!

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Jen said...

Oh, the baby is so cute! Seriously, though, I am not entirely satisfied with the hat. I think I shall have to learn to knit in circles and make another one for her.

I made everyone around me look at the picture on my cell phone when you first put it up. Even random people who I had only met moments before.