Thursday, April 28, 2011

I wasn't aware

Apparently, this week is Infertility Awareness Week. Somehow, this escaped my radar until Jen Fulwiler pointed it out here. Of course, it's not as if we are ever UNaware of our infertility here, so I guess it wasn't something that required special attention on our part.

Still, I had a conversation with a friend this week that plays into this theme. My friend has two small children, and for awhile thought she was "done". But we were talking about kids and adoption and foster care, and she said, "You know, I thought it would be nice to become a foster parent, but I really don't think I'm done having kids yet."

I was thinking, 'If I had normal fertility, I'm pretty sure I'd have a very difficult time ever deciding that I was "done" having kids.' How do you get to that point, exactly? I know there are couples with abundant fertility who get a little overburdened and weary worrying about whether they can navigate the NFP waters to successfully avoid further pregnancy. I just don't know what that looks like. It's not our experience and I can't adequately envision it. I'm sure it's just as big a cross as infertility is...just in a different way.

As it is, we are actively working the diet angle at improving fertility while also researching a new adoption agency and looking into the possibility of becoming foster parents. We are working very, very hard just to find a way to grow our family by one. This is what we know. It is our experience. And, since we are not made of money (and adoption is expensive), we realize that our family might be complete with two children. That foster care idea keeps popping up, so that might very likely be a way to grow our family someday, if we discern that we are truly called to it. No matter what happens, our family will look like nothing we ever envisioned. But God knows what our family picture looks like. And if we put our trust in Him, that's really all that matters.

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