Thursday, April 14, 2011


I'm crampy. Just another reminder that my body won't cooperate with its biological purpose for propogating the species. Good thing I'm not in charge of keeping the human race from extinction. I would suck at that job.

Back in February, when our homestudy expired, we decided to let it. We are taking a few months to return to the research phase on adoption and focus on diet and fertility, and then we can make a decision about what to do in the Fall. The idea was to be homestudy ready again by Olivia's birthday in November. I've had it in my mind that we'll probably sign up with a particular agency that is fast (and pricey). But over the last several weeks, I've seen and read many things about foster-to-adopt, and my thoughts are repeatedly pointed back in that direction. We've been hesitant to go that direction because of Olivia's age and the uncertainty of whether kids will stay or leave, plus the adjustment and attachment issues that often come with foster placements and older kids. But...I don't know. It's just there in my brain all the time. We'd probably only be interested in fostering little ones (younger than Olivia), but maybe there's a need for that. I guess I'll just have to suck it up and call someone to find out.

In the meantime, I'm still rockin' the diet, but sometimes I find myself wishing and hoping for pregnancy JUST so I have an excuse to eat whatever I want. My brain knows that it would be better for me and baby to keep eating this way if we ever achieve that ellusive pregnancy goal, but there's another part of me that is tired of forgoing cookies. If only I could find a really good dessert recipe that's easy, eats like a muffin or cake or cookie, and doesn't have any sugar or flour. Ha! There's an assignment for you! Have fun with that one.

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