Friday, September 14, 2012


So, yesterday was Martin's well baby visit, but it was also his day to get his very first round of immunizations. For that, we had to make a visit to the hospital because his doctor doesn't administer them. This is a photo I snapped just prior to his shots. He had just eaten and was very happy...he had no idea that in a few minutes the nurse was going to stick him with three needles.

He cried loudly and briefly after each one (more like an indignant protest, like when you are unjustly punished for something you didn't do) and then got very quiet and just started observing everyone very closely. He was wary of his big sister holding his hand. He was wary of Mommy for letting this happen. But for the nurse, he reserved his very special, very serious stink-eye. I can tell he's going to be an expressive one!

We scheduled all of these things early-ish (7.5 weeks) in order to get them out of the way so we could do our post-placement home visit, which we were told would happen after his 2-month doctor visit. And then we could finalize after that. We were expecting finalization to be scheduled in late September or early October. But apparently the courts are busy...we got notice last week that our finalization hearing will be held November 29th. Grrr!

I suppose this is not a big deal. The way the laws are written in our state, there is an almost non-existent risk of adoptions being overturned after initial placement. However, without finalization, we can't get a social security number or give him our name, legally, so it does provide a little confusion for doctors and the state's online database for vaccinations, etc.

In other news, the kids have become quite fond of each other.
Olivia excels in getting her little brother to smile. He loves to watch her.
Oh, can you feel the love?

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