Monday, September 24, 2012

Two months

Yesterday, Martin hit the two-month mark. He seems older than that to me.
So serious.
There are a lot of things I've noticed about his infanthood that are vastly different from Olivia's. He is just so EASY. I'm sure I wouldn't feel this way if I were an inexperienced first-time Mom, as all babies have their difficult moments. He spits up. He fusses occasionally. Sometimes he doesn't want to sleep. But overall? This kid is so laid back, rarely cries without cause and occasionally sleeps through the night at two months old. He's relatively predictable.

By contrast, Olivia's infanthood was hard. Again, I'm sure some of it can be attributed to our first-time-parent status at the time. But I feel a little bit like it was initiation by fire with her. The sleep deprivation of a day-night confused baby was extensive. She didn't figure out that nighttime was for sleeping until she was at least two months old. She spit up a lot, and she had an inexplicable fussy time that tended to last something like two hours at night. It was HARD.

On the flip side, once she figured out how to sleep at night, she started doing it pretty well. She was fairly easy to sleep train after that and started sleeping through the night consistently at 5 months. She was also quick to hold up her head and would entertain herself with toys on the floor quite early. Marty still needs someone to entertain him most of the time that he's awake.

The kids, they get like each other. Olivia is still quite rough and can't be left unsupervised with Marty. But when I can get her to calm down, she is so sweet. She sings to him and talks to him. When he's in one of this chatty moods, he'll lay on his back and just jabber away. She loves to talk to him when he's doing this. He loves to smile at her when she talks to him. It's obvious they adore each other.
Yeah right, Mom. I am simply tolerating her until I'm big enough to fight back!

In other news, Olivia is toying with several different ideas for her Halloween costume. This is one of her ideas. She's a football player. Marty is her football!
I hope I don't have to remind her not to throw this ball.
Looks like a winner to me. Easy, cute, easy. Did I mention easy? Also, look at that big kid sitting next to the monkey and the pillow. How small she once was!

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All in His Perfect Timing said...

I agree, Marty seems older to me! But glad he is such a good baby! He seems pretty easy going in the pictures. I LOVE the football coordinated costume idea!!! SO cute!!