Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Happy Birthday, Olivia!

Olivia's first year in pictures

Moments after precious!

12/13/07 - One Month Old

1/12/08 - Two Months Old

2/12/08 - Three Months Old

3/12/08 - Four Months Old

4/12/08 - Five Months Old

5/12/08 - Six Months Old

6/12/08 - Seven Months Old

7/12/08 - Eight Months Old

8/12/08 - Nine Months Old

9/12/08 - Ten Months Old

10/12/08 - Eleven Months Old

11/12/08 - Happy 1st Birthday!

This last photo appears thanks to Olivia's Godparents, who allowed me to borrow their camera to get the pictures. I had to take at least two dozen shots to get one where she was sitting still, looking up and not making a weird face.

Here are two bonus photos, just because I was a little camera-happy today...

Hi Mommy! I'm so happy it's my birthday today!

Blowing a birthday kiss to you!


Kat said...

Happy Birthday, sweet Olivia! Those pictures almost made me teary eyed! I can't believe how quickly they grow. Congratulations on the first of many years together. I hope you guys have a great day! :)

Jen said...

Happy birthday, Olivia! I cannot believe she is a whole year old already.

Stephanie said...

Birthdays are so fun. Happy birthday, Olivia!

maggie said...

Happy birthday Olivia!

I felt like that first birthday was MY birthday too.

Lizzie said...

Oh my goodness! Happy Birthday, sweet girl baby!

I think at least half the celebrating should be the occasion of you and your husband doing a good job of keeping everyone alive and happy for the past year!