Monday, November 3, 2008

And so it starts

My husband left this morning for his long, long trip. I am sad, and a little nervous. Not for me...for him. He left in a compact rental car (he had reserved a full size...YEAH) with three other people from his office AND their luggage, and they are driving all the way to New York in this car, presumably sitting on their luggage because there is really nowhere else to put it. He is NOT happy with the rental company. AT ALL. Not a good start to their trip.

**Updated to add: I just got a call from my husband. One of his coworkers called the rental company and complained loudly about the situation, and he managed to negotiate a change in vehicle. They stopped at the next airport/rental place on the way (about an hour away) and switched over to an SUV. So they'll pay more for gasoline, but better that than continue for eleven hours on the road packed into a compact car like sardines. They are all in better spirits now.**

Also, he is taking my camera. OUR camera, but I consider it mine since he's taken a total of about a dozen pictures with it since we got it a year ago. He thought he was going to be able to use a co-worker's camera, but it is ancient and has enough memory for about a dozen photos (total). And really, if he is going to be touring Athens and other exotic Greek places, he probably has more reason to need the camera than I do. I'll need to take Olivia's 12-month photo, but I can probably borrow my brother's camera for that.

Short new pics for you for two weeks! Except for these:

I climbed into this chair all by myself!

Another warm spell...better get out my sleeveless dress for church!
And sandals!


maggie said...

Oh man. My husband is SO not allowed to leave me alone for two weeks. EVER! ACK!

Lizzie said...

Courage, woman! Also? Olivia is just the cutest little thing. I'm sure every once in a while you just are overwhelmed by the cuteness too!

Jen said...

I hope his trip goes smoothly!

How will I live without the pictures?