Friday, November 14, 2008

TGIF...we're almost there...

Two more days until my husband gets home. He will be back on Sunday. Praise God for that. God help me get through the next two days...

These past two weeks have been more difficult than I had planned. Perhaps it's because the last time he had a trip this long, I was working. I had stuff to accomplish and places to be during the day. Yeah, the nights were lonely, but I had the option of planning meetings and working late and keeping myself busy away from home. Not so much this time.

Aside from the obvious need to be around to watch Olivia discover new and inventive ways to terrorize the order of the house, our budget is much tighter than it once was. So even if I had places to go (in cold November, with a baby who needs her nap), they would likely cost money.

So for the better part of two weeks, Olivia and I stayed home and stared at each other. We sang songs and danced to music and broke out ALL OF HER BIRTHDAY TOYS just so I could keep her interested in something other than her newfound ability to open the doors to the curio cabinet.

We tried movies, and except for the musical parts, she had no interest at all. She learned to climb onto Daddy's elliptical machine and stand up on one of the footpads. She is dangerously close to being able to climb onto the couch. The only thing she hasn't tried to climb is her crib (to get out) and thank God for that.

Needless to say, I have abandoned all of my lofty "to-do" goals. Paint the laundry room? Ha! As if! Organize the office? In the 2-3 hours that she naps, there simply wasn't time for that. And I have been WAY too tired after putting her to bed at night to do anything resembling WORK! I did make a little progress on her video montage, and I did some other unexpected things like clean out the refrigerator, but that is about it. Mostly, I just managed to maintain my sanity. Sort of.

I only hope my husband isn't too disappointed to come home and find it in exactly the same condition it was in when he left. Sorry, my love...I really did have good intentions.

Also, I confess, the majority of my posts these last two weeks have been typed in one sitting and scheduled to post throughout the week. Including this one (drafted Tuesday night, but I can already tell how I'll feel by Friday because I've been feeling it for days now). The benefit of this, though, is that I write when I feel like I have something to write instead of trying to think of a topic when I'm brain-dead and in need of a shower. So yay for me.

I think I need a mommy-vacation. Maybe Grandma can entertain Olivia for awhile tomorrow while I have some alone time. Oh, please, let it be so!

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Jen said...

You can do it!

You were planning to do things while he was gone? There is no way that would have been logistically possible!