Thursday, November 6, 2008

Happy Anniversary, My Love

My dear husband,

Four years ago this morning, you picked me up at the hairdresser and took me out to breakfast. Everyone at the restaurant looked at us like we were a little crazy. I guess most people don't show up for breakfast in a tiara. "Are you two going to a wedding or something?"


It was such a perfectly beautiful November day...almost as if we'd paid for a reservation on the sunshine (like we paid for everything else!). I remember every detail of that day like it was yesterday. The whole day seemed to go by in a minute. I've never experienced anything so completely exhilarating and overwhelming all at once.

On that day, I never would have imagined that we would go through some of the things we have in four years. But every challenge has just drawn us closer to each other. You were my rock through our battles with infertility. You were so supportive when I brought up the topic of adoption. You were the one who made me believe it was OK for us to pursue both adoption and fertility.

When we heard about Olivia's birthmother, you didn't hesitate for a moment in saying "yes". I was a basket case through most of the ups and downs we went through with the birthmother before Olivia was born, but you were calm and committed throughout.

I will never forget the look on your face when you first laid eyes on Olivia. There was no doubt in your mind that she was your little girl and you were hooked. That day, my love for you grew in ways I never knew possible.

You continue to overwhelm me with the love and commitment you have for me and Olivia. I am so blessed to be married to my best friend. I love you!

Happy Anniversary, Sweetheart!


Jen said...

We went out to breakfast before our wedding too.

Happy anniversary!

Lizzie said...

AW! Tears in my eyes! Happy anniversary, I hope you celebrate it properly with a big smooch when the object of your affection returns! :)