Tuesday, November 4, 2008

My many projects

Olivia is very serious about voting!

I voted this morning. (And I realized that my cell phone takes pictures, which I can email to myself. Duh!) Now it is your turn. I believe that you should not complain about your leadership if you do not vote. Since I voted, I reserve the right to complain all I want. (Although I probably won't do much of that. I would rather spend most of my time talking about Olivia.)

For those of you following along, today is day 2 of Daddy's trip, A.K.A. 13 days until Daddy gets home. We are missing him lots already.

To pass the time and keep myself from going insane, I've planned a few projects while my husband is gone. They include:

1. Organize the office. (This may seem like a rather straightforward task, but it's really pretty involved. The office will have to function as a bedroom when baby #2 comes along, so we must begin the process of weeding out what we can live without, what we can store, and what we can reposition so that most of the furniture in the office eventually gets placed somewhere else in the house. Not an easy task.)

2. Paint the laundry room. This is actually just an idea I had the other day and will probably only happen if I can find enough leftover paint from the dining room to do it. It's a very small room (more like a closet), so it shouldn't take much. But I know it would be a nice surprise for my husband if I get it done (and if he doesn't manage to read my blog at all while he's gone...otherwise it won't be any kind of surprise at all).

3. Plan Olivia's birthday party (which we'll have over Thanksgiving). Get favors for the kids and send evites.

4. Finish Olivia's video montage for her birthday. This is the one for her party, not for posting on the site. It's 25 minutes long, people. And every minute touches my heart.

I also have to find some money in our budget to buy a replacement range top for our stove. We have one of those ceramic-top ranges, and yesterday I cracked it. Oh yes. I dropped a bowl full of soup on top of it. And the bowl didn't even chip. I could have handled a shattered bowl. But a cracked stove top is MUCH more expensive. Grrrr...

It's been a long week already, and it's only Tuesday.


Jen said...

I voted, so I get to complain as much as I want!

That sounds like a good batch of projects. I am working on a bunch like that myself.

Lizzie said...

Dude - these sound like WORKY projects! You should busy yourself by, you know, getting a pedicure or my favorite project- bake something and eat it all gone without a husband to have to share it with... :)

Planning the party and finishing the photo montage sounds kinda fun, though!