Friday, November 7, 2008

Poor, unhappy baby

First of all, thanks for the song suggestions! They were great, and I'll be using a few of them. Very, very helpful!!!

Olivia knows that Daddy is not here. And she's not happy about it. For the most part, she plays and runs around like always, but she DOES NOT WANT TO GO TO BED. Not for naps, and not at night. I think she remembers that she went to bed the other night, and when she got up Daddy was gone and he hasn't come back. So now she's VERY clingy at bedtime and screams herself to sleep.

This is so hard, people. My baby is usually one to lay down and go right to bed. She talks to herself sometimes, or watches her jungle wonders thingie, but naps and bedtime have been a breeze for many months. Until now. She's still her happy self as long as she's awake and in my presence, but she does not want to be left alone or go to bed.

Come home quickly, Daddy. We are both a little weary in your absence.


Stephanie said...

It is SO HARD to watch babies try to make sense of things beyond their understanding. We recently had a bed issue with Asher, and if you stay consistent she will settle down, as you already know. But it is heartbreaking to see them go through things like that.

Jen said...

Poor Olivia. And poor you. I hope she settles down for you.