Friday, August 23, 2013


I realize that I don't write here often enough, so I'm joining the 7 quick takes bandwagon for this random Friday to jot a few things down.

1. Olivia still loves school. She continues to dazzle her teacher with her ability to get along with others and follow directions and be helpful at school. She continues to befuddle her parents with her inability to do any of the above things at home. Transitions, man. They kind of suck.

2. Martin has developed an excited Pavlovian response to the appearance of any yellow bus. He thinks they are all Olivia's bus. He's excited to watch her get on in the morning and get off in the afternoon. It is adorable.

3. Speaking of Martin, he is quite the little comedian. He is just so funny. And he knows he's funny. And he gears his timing toward making himself even funnier. He may be a comic genius.

4. I kind of love school uniforms. Like, a lot. They are SO EASY. We never, ever fight about what to wear in the morning. Uniforms = da bomb

5. Also, I love our school. Catholic school, y'all. It is something else. I mean, Olivia comes home talking about what she learned in reading and math and religion. In kindergarten! I was a public school kid, so this is kind of foreign to me, but awesome.

6. In that same vein, I love that I can send Olivia on the bus and she doesn't come off with bad habits learned on the bus. Or at school, for that matter. The kids, the teachers, the bus driver...they all foster values and an attitude of respect. I know some of the kids who ride the bus she would ride if she went to public school, and based on that I'm certain that we'd be fighting some newly-learned bad habits if she were in that environment.

7. This is kind of perfect.

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All in His Perfect Timing said...

Great QTs! I'm glad Olivia is loving school! And SO cute that Martin thinks every yellow bus is Olivia's!